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About classes from Motherly

Parenthood is full of new things to figure out. That's why we created our online digital classes platform just for you. Get helpful support at your own pace and fit quick sessions around your busy lifestyle. Ready to get started?

  • Woman-centered

    We have curated and created classes with you in mind, mama. From pregnancy and birth to postpartum and beyond, we offer woman-centered courses that support your unique journey into motherhood.

  • Evidence-based

    Our courses are grounded in current research and data to ensure you are getting the recommendations you deserve.

  • Expert-led

    Our classes are led by experienced professionals across fields including pediatrics, obstetrics, general medical, psychology, and education who are passionate about supporting mothers through every stage of their journey.

The Motherly Birth Class

A sneak peek

What's included...

Motherly classes are designed to give you both the knowledge and resources for your best journey. Contents vary by class, but you can expect video content, downloadable pieces, audio downloads, additional resources and more.

  • 30 minutes to 2 hours worth of video content

  • Printable downloads including workbooks, planners, calendars and more

  • Downloadable audio meditations

  • Links to additional resources and materials

Explore individual classes

We create and curate classes with you in mind, mama

That's why our evidence-based digital parenting classes are perfect for parents who want to be informed and empowered. With expert-led classes on a variety of topics, you can find the information and support you need to make the best decisions for your family. And because we know that being a parent is hard enough, our classes are conveniently offered online so you can participate from anywhere. So whether you're a new parent or a seasoned pro, our evidence-based parenting classes are here to help you build confidence and thrive.

What mamas are saying

Informative & helpful

by Kayla S.

The birthing class was informative, helpful and just gave me a really good idea of what to expect as a first time mom. I liked that it included real birth stories/ videos and this made me feel less intimidated by the birthing process.

Easy to navigate

by Juli W.

Good material and easy to navigate


by DeNea H.

I watched this video before I gave birth to my son Jude. I had a somewhat tough labor and delivery. These videos were a godsend. I literally thought about this woman during my birthing process! I am so thankful to have watched it before I actually gave birth.