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How to raise capable adults: empowering parents with simple strategies to support successful, long term development

Meet Kate Garzón

This class empowers parents of toddlers through teens

To support their children's physical, mental, emotional, social, and academic success through simple, no-cost strategies that they can implement as early as tomorrow

Take the pressure off yourself, mama

Instead of doing MORE, this class encourages you to do things DIFFERENTLY, to take the pressure off of yourselves and your families by focusing on things that we KNOW make a positive difference in both short and long-term development and success.

This class will focus on:

  • The value of sleep for short and long term healthy brain development

  • How and why unstructured, child-led play is critical

  • How to set firm, consistent, and fair boundaries

  • Why time in nature is important and how to get more access to nature, even if you live in the city

  • How household chores teach important life skills and make kids feel valued and confident

  • The best way to build cooperation, collaboration, listening skills

  • How to form long-lasting, close relationships between parents and siblings

  • How to raise children and teens who are empathic, compassionate, generous

  • Understanding how to gradually support your children and teens in advocating for themselves

  • Helping your children and teens choose extracurriculars, and how diverse experiences support mental and emotional health

The role of parenting has always been to raise children, who become adults, who are prepared to be successful in an unknown future

That role hasn't changed, it just feels a lot more real in light of the pandemic and current world events. It's scary and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! Kate has got you covered. You'll leave this class feeling confident and prepared.

Ready to to get started?

You've got, this, mama

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome and what to expect

  2. 2
    • Sleep

  3. 3
    • Play

  4. 4
    • Protect the relationship

  5. 5
    • Set boundaries

  6. 6
    • Radical downtime

  7. 7
    • Time in nature

  8. 8
    • Household chores

  9. 9
    • Family meetings

  10. 10
    • Service to others

  11. 11
    • Being a “consultant” to their learning

  12. 12
    • Freedom to manage their own friendships

  13. 13
    • Avoid early specialization

  14. 14
    • Review and wrap-up

Bonus material

In addition to Kate's super comprehensive videos
you'll get to download...

  • Exploring your expectations

    A worksheet on understanding your triggers

  • How to raise capable adults refrigerator sheet

    A one-page “refrigerator sheet” with 12 strategies for raising capable adults

Meet the instructor

M.Ed., Parent Educator and Parenting Coach

Kate Garzón

Kate Garzón, M.Ed, is a "GPS" for the parents of toddlers through teens. After 18 years as a Montessori teacher for ages 2.5-14 in both Canada and the United States, Kate combined her professional qualifications and experience with her three decades of hands-on time "in the trenches" with children and families and launched a second career as a parent educator and parenting coach. She guides parents to understand and make connections between their children's behaviors and to implement realistic strategies that get their families on the path to easier and more joyful daily lives. Kate is an explorer, lifelong student, and enthusiastic consumer of books and ice cream. She is a firm believer that every parent does the best they can--everyday--and her compassionate, non-judgmental approach supports families by customizing parenting roadmaps that reflect THEIR values and goals. Parenting is the hardest job in the world and Kate is passionate about making the journey easier! Want to Connect with Kate? Find her at

Never heard of a parenting coach?
You're not alone!

Seeking guidance for child development is a relatively new phenomenon, because parents have often been told that "As soon as you see that baby, your instincts will kick in and you'll just know what to do." Well guess's not true, and it's not fair either! Parenting is the hardest job in the world, and asking for support should be encouraged and applauded. So, YAY YOU for even reading this far! We've got you, mama

What mamas are saying


  • I’m the parent I am today, thanks in part to her brilliant words of wisdom and endless support

    “Sometimes in life there are phrases that stick with you - you pull them out to support and help you, even through the most challenging of moments. Kate Garzón’s voice has been guiding me as a parent for years, cultivating a truly rewarding and delightful family… and resilient kids. Luckily, we met when my eldest was not yet crawling, and I’ll forever be grateful. I’m the parent I am today, thanks in part to her brilliant words of wisdom and endless support.”

  • Will help you unravel the mysteries of children like no other

    “I was confused by toilet training regression, coordination issues, and extreme tantrums that seemed out of place for a four year old. Kate’s targeted questions illustrated the root of the problems, she explained connections between learning experiences, and provided practical solutions that were simple to implement. She showed me how to understand and better support her growth. Within a day we stopped having toileting incidents! The tantrums simmered down and we were able to get some basic skills under her belt. Follow the plan and trust it. How quickly you see results will make your heart soar. You’re not in it alone. Kate will help you unravel the mysteries of children like no other."

  • The right tools to help me better communicate with my son and daughter

    “I was hesitant to reach out to Kate as my children are grown and no longer living at home but by the end of our first session she had given me the right tools to help me better communicate with my son and daughter. She taught me how to loosen the "control" reigns and let my children make their own confident choices. I needed guidance taking a step back so that they could continue to grow and mature as young adults. Kate is a skilled, empathetic, compassionate coach for parents with children of all ages.”

  • An invaluable resource

    “Kate’s years of experience as a teacher and expertise in working with children provide her the tools and insight to be an invaluable resource on the topic of child development and education. I am extremely grateful for her assistance in helping me to craft an educational plan which was the right fit for my child!”

  • The Child Whisperer

    “Simply put, Kate is the Child Whisperer. She has an innate ability to zero in on root cause – and proposes easy, no-stress solutions managing challenging situations. I was struggling at this no-manual parenting gig. After the kids went to bed, I was exhausted, and spending evenings diving through scores of online parenting articles that all claim their way is the only way…. only to try and fail miserably… Put this on repeat cycle. My stress and frustration were not helping. She took the time to carefully listen and made me feel at ease about everything we were experiencing. She helps you interpret the situations from the child’s view. This really opened my eyes and heart, enabling me to step into fresh perspective and new level of understanding for what was going on. She proposed a simple action plan and helped me with multiple paths and contingencies so my crafty little critters couldn’t outsmart me (they are that good). In addition, I really appreciated the empathy and humor she brings to the conversation. I was finally empowered with the right tools for our situation, and I only wish I’d gone to her sooner. It would’ve saved so much time I don’t already have.”

  • Approachable and always empowering

    "As a mother of two teenagers, the landscape of parenting is ever changing. Kate is an incredible resource who always makes me feel equipped with the tools during this period. Most importantly she provides guidance and an understanding of their needs and development. Her coaching is approachable and always empowering - as a parent I feel more confident in my role thanks to her.”