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Introduction to conscious parenting

Meet Erin Morrison, The Conscious Mom

All the parenting methods out there can be overwhelming, mama

But guess what? You don’t actually have to learn anything new to parent. In this class, Erin shows you how to lean more into you; creating the loving parent-child relationship we all want

This class will focus on:

  • What conscious parenting is and what conscious parenting is not

  • The four pillars of conscious parenting, complete with a print out to explore the four pillars

  • What you can expect when you become more conscious in your parenting approach

  • How to handle the pushback you may receive from your partners, co-parents, grandparents, etc.

  • The easiest ways to introduce conscious parenting into your life

  • How to handle real life parenting situations as a conscious parent

As parents, we always want what’s best for our children.

Yet in today’s world, we can feel overwhelmed with the endless conflicting advice on how to raise our children. Conscious parenting is an approach unlike any other because rather than learning how to be a specific type of parent, we instead learn to be our authentic selves.

You want the best relationship with
your child possible

Erin is here to help you, mama. She'll walk you through how to show up as your authentic self in parenting, and when we show up true to ourselves, the parent-child relationship blossoms like never before.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • What is conscious parenting?

  2. 2
    • The pillars of conscious parenting

  3. 3
    • The benefits & the struggles of conscious parenting

  4. 4
    • Let’s start consciously parenting today

  5. 5
    • Real life situations using conscious parenting

Bonus material

In addition to all of Erin's *amazing* videos, you'll have lifelong access to her worksheets including...

  • Exploring the four pillars

    Work through the list of four pillars of conscious parenting and map out what feels encouraging, what feels concerning,
    and how to make it your own

  • Breaking down and through our expectations

    Work through what you expect of your child, where those expectations come from, and much more...

Meet the instructor


Erin Morrison, The Conscious Mom

Erin Morrison, The Conscious Mom, is a conscious parenting expert known for her down-to-earth approach in integrating conscious parenting into your daily life. Erin’s blend of her counseling roots from Columbia University and her training in Conscious Parenting allowed her to help parents strengthen the parent-child relationship. Erin holds a private practice where she provides individual and group session & additionally offers endless ways to integrate conscious parenting into your life via instagram: @itstheconsciousmom. For a full list of Erin’s services, visit her website at

What mamas are saying


  • Simply the best!

    "Erin helps see things from a different point and helps me to value myself more. Simply the best!"

  • She makes me feel comfortable and supported no matter what

    "Erin has a gentle listening ear. She makes me feel comfortable and supported no matter what I am going through. I highly recommend her"

  • Empowered me to view and respond to situations in a different and more productive manner

    "Erin is a trusted mentor, sounding board, and cheerleader and I am a better person for knowing her. Whether during periods of conflict, anxiety, change, or simply inertia- Erin has been a tremendous resource. Erin has empowered me to view and respond to situations in a different and more productive manner."