Positive parenting and your child's development

A little about this course

Welcome to the first class to deliver actionable positive parenting tools tailored to your child’s developmental milestones

No more guess work in figuring out how to implement positive parenting tools. The steps are made easy, digestible and fun.

Looking to be the best version of yourself
while parenting?

We've got you covered. In addition to helping you understand your child, this class gives you, the parent, insight on how to resource your own self-awareness to be the optimal version of yourself in the process of positive parenting.

This class will focus on:

  • Positive Parenting techniques tailored to your child’s developmental age

  • Proven tactics to mitigate meltdowns

  • Real solutions for managing stress

  • Concrete communication strategies in the positive parenting way

It's not always easy, mama

Esther and Anna want to make positive parenting as easy for you and your child as possible. You're in the right place!

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome: what is positive parenting and why is it magical?

  2. 2
    • It starts with you: self awareness for positive parenting

  3. 3
    • Positive parenting and your toddler’s milestones

  4. 4
    • Positive parenting and your preschooler’s milestones

  5. 5
    • Positive parenting and your school-aged child’s milestones

Meet the instructors

OTR/L and ICT Sleep Specialist

Esther Lavi

Esther Lavi OTR/L, is an ICT Infant Sleep Specialist, doula, and mamma. After gaining her bachelors degree in health science at Boston University, she attained her masters in Occupational Therapy. Esther has been a practicing OT for over 10 years and Infant Sleep Specialist for 3. Esther is heart-centered, adaptive, and intuitive in her approach. She has been published as a parent educator on numerous forums, and is a frequent guest on parenting focused podcasts. In January 2019, Esther took her Doula training (DONA) in order to deepen her ability to gift parents with practical tools during the perinatal period, especially those that facilitate physical health. Her expertise in sleep has allowed her to impact not only the lives of parents, but also of non-parent adults using her sleep optimization practices that have countless and positive ripple effects on health, relationships, and professional success.


Anna Distefano

Anna Distefano founded and now runs the boutique Behavioral Therapy practice, Olive Behavior Care in the Los Angeles area. She began her career working with kids as a Special Education teacher in the Elementary and High School settings. After many years of teaching Anna earned her BCBA credential and went into private practice. Now, Anna and her team work with all children and their families in the home and school environments. Olive Behavior Care addresses a wide range of skill areas such as difficult behaviors, academics, social skills, executive functioning and more!