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Your comprehensive guide for your pregnancy journey

This is it, mama! The class we wish we had when we were first pregnant.

The class to help you through the entire journey

  • Pregnancy

    Help with answers to all the questions, from your changing body to your changing relationships

  • Birth

    Support to make sure you are truly prepared for this beautiful process body, mind and spirit

  • Postpartum

    Answers to your questions and real support to help you through your recovery

There's a lot to know, mama — we're here to help

Every pregnancy and every birth is different — but you were made for this moment. We're here to guide you through your journey to becoming mama, from the very first trimester, through your postpartum experience.

The Motherly pregnancy, birth & postpartum bundle

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Lessons in this Class

  1. 1
    • Introduction to Pregnancy Wellness

    • Understanding your body + nurturing yourself through your first trimester

    • Preparing yourself for second trimester changes – mind + body

    • Tips for getting better sleep, good nutrition and managing the physical challenges of the third trimester

    • Nourishing yourself + baby throughout your pregnancy

    • Relationships + sex during pregnancy

    • Stretch + sweat pregnancy safe workouts for each trimester

    • 20 minute video you can do anywhere to strengthen and restore pregnancy or postpartum

    • 20 minute boxing for strength & restoration

    • 30 minute Barre for Pregnancy + Postpartum

    • 13 minute course to teach the principles of diaphragmatic breath

    • Baby bonding in utero

    • Self-advocacy during your pregnancy

    • Maternity leave planning

    • Shopping for baby essentials with Motherly's Shop Editor

    • Closing meditation

    • Downloads + Meditations

  2. 2
    • Introduction to the Motherly Birth Class

    • The birth of a mother + meditation

    • How to have *your* best birth + meditation

    • The science of birth + your amazing body

    • Your body and dilating

    • Pushing

    • Giving birth to the placenta

    • Post birth procedures + meeting your baby

    • Coping methods for pain + meditation

    • Interventions and how to plan for the unexpected

    • Cesarean birth + meditation

    • Your body and the recovery process

    • Your birth plan

    • Downloads + Meditations

    • A closing meditation for birth preparation

  3. 3
    • Golden rules for postpartum self-nurturing

    • Understanding your physical recovery

    • Understanding the signs of postpartum mental health + baby blues

    • Postpartum nutrition - the first six weeks and beyond

    • Postpartum nutrition - the first six weeks and beyond

    • The basics of newborn care

    • Navigating newborn sleep

    • Managing newborn crying

    • Feeding your baby

    • How to build your village and maintain your relationships

    • Exercises to strengthen and restore - Barre

    • Exercises to strengthen and restore - Boxing

    • Introduction to the Postpartum Wellness Class

    • Exercises to strengthen and restore - Core Connect

    • Exercises to strengthen and restore - Diaphragmatic Breath

    • How to check for Diastasis Recti

    • Final thoughts + Closing meditation

    • Downloads + Meditations