The Motherly 4th trimester class

An introduction to this class

There's so much to learn when bringing your newborn home. We've got you, mama,

Certified nurse-midwife midwife and pediatric nurse, Diana Spalding, will lead you through everything you need to know during these first three months, including how to take care of YOU

This class will focus on:

  • The basics (and beyond!) of all things newborn.

  • What to look for when it comes to your own postpartum health and how to help prioritize yourself, as well

  • All options for feeding your baby, from breastfeeding, to bottle feeding (both pumping and formula) and how to manage it

  • How babies sleep and things that you can do to help encourage good sleep habits

  • Tips and pointers about how you can play appropriately with your baby to have fun, and also help foster the developmental milestones that they're going to be going through

We're all in this together, mama

This class will make you feel less alone in this brand new journey, and leave you feeling well equipped to take on this new role that you were made for. We promise.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • Newborn health

    • Mama health

    • Feeding baby

    • Sleep

    • Play

Meet the instructor

Pediatric Nurse, Midwife, Rockstar

Diana Spalding

Diana Spalding, CNM. Diana is Motherly's Health and Wellness Director, and co-wrote 'The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama.' She is a midwife, pediatric nurse and founder of Gathered Birth. She loves all things birth, and is passionate about empowering women to trust themselves and embrace their inner rockstar.

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