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Building a daily flow that supports every area of toddler development without the mental load

A little about this course

The little years are so important, but the mental load can be so difficult

We've got you covered. In this class, you'll create a flow that works for both you and your little one

This class will focus on:

  • Building blocks for 1-3 year olds

  • How much time you should be spending on sleep, connection time, movement, process based play, creative play, social play, reading, and purpose

  • System and structures that serve you and your child

  • A daily flow that supports development

There's a lot to think about, mama.

Holly is here to help you map out the struggles you're facing around balancing time and decision making with your little one, and help you come up with a daily flow that works for the whole family

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Laying good foundations in the little years

  2. 2
    • What do toddlers actually need to thrive?

  3. 3
    • Unlocking the power of play

  4. 4
    • Building a daily flow


  • How long will I have access to this class?

    As long as you need. You can come back and revisit the class whenever you hit a new milestone in your child’s development.

  • How long will the class take to complete?

    The class contains under an hour of video content.

  • What age group is this class designed for?

    Toddlers are a unique bunch and the things that they need to support their holistic development are unlike any other age group. That’s why this course is designed specifically for toddlers (ages 1 until the 4th birthday).

  • Is this only designed for stay-at-home-moms?

    This class is for all toddler moms. Holly breaks down how to navigate each of the building blocks that every toddler needs to thrive whether you are full time with your toddler or access various support settings (daycare/nanny/preschool etc).

Meet the instructor

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Holly Peretz

Holly Peretz is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with 12 + years working with children and parents as a therapist and parent educator within hospitals, NGO's, preschools, hydrotherapy, and now online. She is also the hostess for the Toddler Play Conference.

What mamas are saying


  • This was amazing

    "Thank you so much Holly!!
    This was amazing."
    Sofia, mother of 1

  • So encouraging

    "So encouraging about seasons and thinking of time as more
    of a broad sense."
    Car, mother of 4

  • Thank you SOOO much

    “Holly, thank you SOOO much for sharing the research with us. I greatly appreciate it.”
    Maria, mother of 1

  • Fabulous learning and sharing!

    "Fabulous learning and sharing!
    Thank you!”
    Pam, educator and grandmother