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Suitable for expectant mothers around the world!

Hypnobirthing made simple

An introduction to this class

This one-of-a-kind hypnobirthing class will guide you all the way through labor

Feeling anxious about labor? We've got you, mama. This class will leave you feeling empowered and confident

Poppy Child's dynamic class features both video and audio content to help you navigate pregnancy and birth

From what choices to make, to how to manage pain in labor, you'll be given everything you need to know to have an incredible birth experience.

This class will focus on:

  • Understanding the science & physiology of birth

  • Creating your vision for birth

  • Knowing & owning your rights

  • Viewing labor pain as positive and healthy

  • Birth partner mindset training

  • Creating your birthing toolbox: breathing, visualization and movement

  • Creating your hospital bag checklist

  • Signs and stages of labor

  • Pain relief options

Meet the instructor

Qualified Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Poppy Child

Poppy Child's journey as a qualified birthing professional began after the beautiful and empowering birth experience she had with her daughter. She holds a diploma with Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, as well as a level 3 counseling diploma, and is trained in consent & rights during childbirth. She is devoted to spreading positive and empowering information about birth and creates transformations that stay with people. She has one single goal: to help you have the best possible chance of having a positive and fulfilling birth experience.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction to hypnobirthing made simple

  2. 2
    • The science & physiology of birth

  3. 3
    • Your hypnobirth - vision for birth

  4. 4
    • The hypnobirthing way - reframing pain

  5. 5
    • Your hypnobirthing toolbox

  6. 6
    • Your beautiful birth, with hypnobirthing

  7. 7
    • Story time - built for birth

    • Fear releasing (bring a notepad & pen)

    • Knowing & owning your rights

    • Birth partner tools

    • Due date & induction

  8. 8
    • Positive affirmations & relaxation

    • Surrender to birth

    • Upbeat positive affirmations

    • Calming positive affirmations

    • Connecting to baby

    • Pregnancy anxiety relief

    • Hypnobirth - early labor background track

  9. 9
    • Fear releasing visualization - headphones only!

    • Guided movement for active labor

    • Hypnobirthing guided up breathing visual

    • Labor listening experience - headphones only!

    • Birth partner exercise

  10. 10
    • Reading material

  11. 11
    • A final message from Poppy

Ready to have the birth of your dreams?

This class has all you need to
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What mamas are saying


  • Completely changed mentality

    "The intensity, energy and emotion I felt from it has completely changed my mentality about going into labour."

  • Left feeling educated, prepared and empowered

    "I left this experience feeling educated, prepared and empowered to take on birth!"

  • Birth without tears!

    "From the first contraction to delivery was less than 5 hours, without epidural and without tears! I’m sure I would have had a different experience if it wasn’t for the birth box advice so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!"

  • Listen to this in a moment of doubt

    "I could honestly listen to this in a moment of doubt and feel like I could birth an army"

  • Concrete tools for delivery

    "The material helped give me the proper mindset and concrete tools for the delivery. Thank G-d, I was able to have a calm, beautiful birth that I will look back on as a special memory."

  • Your audio was my birthing partner and companion

    "Your Birth Box surge audio was ace - I breathed through it all from the start to finish - so much so the hospital didn't believe I was in active labour and my partner turned up 15 mins before birth- your audio was my birthing partner and companion 🌈⭐️✨🍼👶🏻"

  • Best birth experience

    "I had a beautiful water birth at home with the boys fast asleep upstairs. Best birth experience by far out of the 3. My goal was to keep calm and I did that throughout so I'm really happy. I used the breathing techniques and found them very effective. I didn't actually push with any effort, just used the breathing and the strength of the contractions did the work. There were two occasions of helplessness and your affirmations going through my head really got me through and kept the negativity away 😁"

  • I truly think [my partner] being able to be involved in your course helped him to understand birth

    "It was just this joyous moment lying there in the pool with my partner holding my baby thinking - I JUST DID IT. The midwives all said how amazing my partner was and I truly think him being able to be involved in your course helped him to understand birth. He asked me so many questions after listening to the audio for the birth partner and was so involved. I cannot thank you for the course you made. I will recommend it to everyone I know. I just think more people need to know about your course."

  • I sensed my anxiety fading away and determination and confidence took over

    "From not being sure what to do or where to start, this course brought me a relief and the confidence I need as a first time mom-to-be. As I went through the course, I sensed my anxiety fading away and determination and confidence took over. Thank you Poppy, you're amazing! And you have a gift of explaining things in a way it stays in heart! 6 more weeks to go and all I say in my mind is "bring it on"!"

  • Bite sized teachings delivered in a fresh, relatable and inspiring way

    "Birth box is amazing! Bite sized teachings delivered in a fresh, relatable and inspiring way. I find Poppy’s audios soothing to listen to and her approach to birth is engaging, realistic and inspiring. I particularly like the way she combines hypnobirthing, active- birth techniques and a deep understanding of human psychology- opening up the box of what’s possible; empowering women to tune into what comes naturally to them. Despite reading loads of material and doing another well-known online hypnobirthing course before this one, Birth box has been a highlight of my pregnancy journey. I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to feel equipped, excited and inspired for the birth of their baby."

  • It was a relief to hear that I didn't have to keep it together & be calm

    "It’s been so encouraging. Your instinctive embracing of pain/ sensation and moving with instinct & sound released something in me. Like it was a relief to hear that I didn't have to keep it together & be calm 🥰 I'm so excited for the birth of our babe now "

  • Unlike anything I have come across before

    "The Birth Box audios are unlike anything I have come across before so I think for me it was just great to immerse myself in visualizing labour and feeling guided through that with the great quality audio, which really made it feel real. "