Embarking on your pregnancy journey comes with so many questions

We've got you, mama! This is the only class you will need because Dr Shieva Ghofrany--the "OB" and Jenny Hayes Edwards --the "me" cover the entire pregnancy, including all the what ifs that can occur, all things birthing and some additional postpartum support!  This class covers the ENTIRE journey.

This class will include:

  • Immediate access to the video course with 40 week by week lessons and 15 bonus videos of Jenny's doctor's appointments with Shieva including her entire labor!

  • Immediate access to our 200+ page pregnancy e-book

  • Bonus: Pregnancy Nutrition: Jenny is a certified integrative nutrition health coach and will share with you throughout the course what she knows and what she's learned throughout her pregnancy! Tips, tricks and tools top navigate the nausea, blood sugar swings and all the "stuff"!

  • BONUS: “Baby things list” - Jenny along with two dozen other women who just had babies created this list which will be about the only thing you will need to create your registry and get organized for your new arrival. Countless hours went into this 12 page list and as a result we are saving you oodles of time...we promise!

This class is unlike any other- ESPECIALLY because it’s taught by a practicing OBGYN and her patient!

You no longer have to worry about remembering all 8 million questions on your mind within your limited 15 minute doctor’s visit . You no longer have to depend on Dr. Google every time a worry or a question pops into your head. This class answers almost any question you can think of from pre-conception all the way through postpartum and everything in between, and addresses mind set and anxiety - and just by taking the course you will increase your knowledge which by default decreases your anxiety. YOU'VE GOT THIS, MAMA.

The complete my OB&ME pregnancy & childbirth class bundle

More about this class

What we cover in class

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the class & about your instructors

    • A quick class road map

    • The pregnancy guide eBook download

    • The "baby things" mac daddy registry list download

  2. 2
    • Getting ready to conceive (part 1)

    • Getting ready to conceive (part 2)

    • I’ve missed my period-- now what?

    • BONUS VIDEO: Jenny's pregnancy test day! (spoiler alert: TEAR JERKER)

    • Miscarriages

    • Basic do's and don'ts of pregnancy

    • BONUS VIDEO: Jenny's first ultrasound- "seeing the heartbeat" (or as the doctors like to say: “the little flicker”

    • Taking medications while pregnant—what can I take?

    • Pregnancy: the basic timeline and general overview of visits

    • Your FIRST visit to the OB/Midwife and what to expect

    • BONUS VIDEO: Jenny's 8-9 week ultrasound session (hint: it looks like a cute "gummy bear"!)

    • First trimester bleeding

    • All things progesterone hormone & what does a “shortened cervix” mean

    • Bonus video: Jenny's progesterone shot tutorial "SHOT SCHOOL"

    • Nausea/Vomiting in pregnancy and what you can do about it!

    • First trimester genetic testing

    • The "NT" nuchal translucency ultrasound

    • BONUS VIDEO: Jenny's 12 week "NT" ultrasound (HINT: no longer a “gummy bear”—now it looks like a BABY!)

  3. 3
    • Nutrition, weight gain, blood sugar control & basic meal break down

    • Exercise while pregnant & diastasis recti

    • Bonus video - At home doppler use & Jenny's 16 week ultrasound

    • Immune system, gut health & vaccines

    • Hypertension, preeclampsia & baby aspirin

    • Aches and pains in pregnancy, bladder issues & hydration

    • Pregnancy and your GI tract

    • The anatomy ultrasound (18-22 weeks):

    • BONUS VIDEO: Jenny’s 20 week anatomy ultrasound

    • All things skin!

    • The placenta & umbilical cord stuff!

    • Sleep, sleep position and stress management

    • Sleep, sleep position and stress management

    • Blood issue, anemia, thrombocytopenia

    • Types of hospitals, birthing classes, cord blood banking, finding a pediatrician

    • Tdap vaccine and blood type

    • Gestational diabetes and glucose test

  4. 4
    • Mindset, doulas and birth plans

    • Braxton-Hicks contractions, pre-term labor, what if you deliver early, GBS culture

    • BONUS VIDEO: Jenny's visit at 34 weeks to check for preeclampsia and have a biophysical profile exam

    • C-section AND vaginal birth (NOTE: there is no “versus”), the 5 P’s and mindset

    • All things C-section

    • Breech and ECV

    • All things cervix, perineal massage, cervical exam, how to stimulate labor

    • Induction of labor

    • BONUS VIDEO: Zoom call “live from Dr Shieva’s hospital for Jenny’s Induction”(ACTUAL footage of Jenny’s induction with Cytotec (misoprostol) and the Balloon and Pitocin)

    • Labor part 1: signs & symptoms, water breaking, laboring at home, when to call your doctor

    • Labor part 2: the stages, you’re in labor, cervical dilation, pain management, what may happen during labor

    • BONUS VIDEO: Let’s talk pain management with anesthesiologist Dr. Shayna Zachary (a WHOLE video dedicated to pain management choices like IV medication and epidurals)

    • Labor part 3: second stage of labor, fully dilated/pushing, nuchal cord, shoulder dystocia, pooping, arrest of descent, vacuum, forceps, “spinning babies”:

    • Labor part 4: third stage of labor, placenta stuff, postpartum hemorrhage

    • Labor part 5: what’s going to happen to my vajayjay, tears, episiotomies, healing:

    • BONUS: What to bring to the hospital, how to prepare, what does the hospital provide

    • BONUS VIDEO: Jenny’s labor- Kyle’s birth—YES the last few minutes as Jenny is pushing and the actual footage of that baby’s arrival!! Magical!

  5. 5
    • BONUS VIDEO: Postpartum, those first six weeks

    • BONUS VIDEO: Jenny’s full birth story with all the details (zoom call 3 weeks after the birth)

    • Wrapping things up

Bonus material

In addition to Dr. Shieva and Jenny's AMAZING videos, you'll have access to:

  • Pregnancy guide eBook

    A 223 page guide to ALL things pregnancy!

  • Downloadable PDF's

    On practically ALL of the topics covered in this class!

  • Registry list recommendations

    All of Jenny's first-hand recommendations from her registry (and more!)

Meet the instructors


Shieva Ghofrany

Dr Shieva Ghofrany strives to help people eliminate their fear by being “proactive not paranoid” about their health. An OBGYN since 1999 and co-creator of TRIBE CALLED V, her intention is to “increase our knowledge to decrease our anxiety”. Having travailed 6 miscarriages, 3 births, endometriosis, weight loss surgery AND ovarian cancer, Shieva harnesses her personal experience coupled with her professional observations to GENUINELY help achieve a calmer perspective. She engages with women on every level to guide them realistically in their quest for understanding of their bodies. What started as an endeavor to connect with other women on Instagram (now with almost 34k followers) led to multiple consulting and speaking engagements live and virtually. As well, she is frequently quoted in online publications such as Self magazine, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen discussing an array of women’s issues. Perhaps most prevalent is the request for her to address the mindset of fear surrounding health issues in general and cancer in particular, given her own experience with ovarian cancer and the surgeries and chemotherapy they required. She’s been featured on Verywell.com, WebMD, and in the PBS series now on Netflix “HUMAN: the World Within”. Through her work as a full-time doctor in private practice as well as through her courses in integrative health—she uses her education AND personal experiences to highlight the mindset we need to tackle our views of our bodies. Shieva is lucky to have had hands-on experience with women of ALL backgrounds to inform her of the female condition.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC)

Jenny Hayes Edwards

Jenny Hayes Edwards helps women navigate the overwhelming world of fertility, pregnancy and general wellness, through the eyes of a patient, together with her OBGYN, Dr. Shieva Ghofrany. An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach since 2016, owner of Salt Water Wellness and co-creator of TRIBE CALLED V, her desire is to encourage women to educate themselves, so they can reduce their anxiety and feel in control of their health. After spending a decade of her life owning and operating three restaurants in the posh ski resorts of Colorado and working around the clock, Jenny realized her dream of starting a family was slipping away. In 2010, at the age of 35, Jenny was one of the very first women in the country to go through the process of Egg Vitrification (i.e. egg freezing) with Dr. William Schoolcraft of CCRM. At the time the procedure was so new, she ended up being featured in the New York Times, various TV news segments and several magazine articles, in an effort to help women know the option of egg freezing was now available. Fast forward to 2020, having met her now husband, at the age of 45 Jenny used those frozen eggs from a decade prior and got pregnant. Together with her doctor, they documented her entire pregnancy enabling them to create a robust education platform to help other women. In February, 2021, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Kyle Grace. Jenny uses her education in health and wellness along with all her life experiences, to give women the knowledge they need to make the best decisions they can regarding their female health.

What mamas are saying


  • Having all this additional information has been invaluable!

    "I joined the my OB & ME pregnancy program the weekend I found out I was pregnant because I was seeking additional support, both from peer and medical perspectives, beyond my small circle of medical professionals in my Ob/Gyn office. It has been helpful to have this resource, especially during the first trimester when you really cannot confide in friends and extended family. Shieva and Jenny are such a dynamic duo and provide an incredible amount of insight into this new life experience (with transparency and humor), particularly for first time moms like me. While I adore my OB and her team, having all this additional information has been invaluable!" -Lizzie

  • Helped me through my pregnancy when I often found myself struggling with anxiety

    "I joined my OB & ME after having a rough journey to pregnancy with multiple miscarriages. Once pregnant I needed a space where I could access information, ask questions, and find a community where I felt safe and comfortable—I found that in this program, in Shieva's valuable knowledge she so willingly shares, and in learning alongside Jenny's pregnancy journey she graciously shared. The program helped me through my pregnancy when I often found myself struggling with anxiety of whether or not my baby and I were healthy and all was OK. Shieva and Jenny, I respect you both so much and so appreciate this program you've created." –Tessa

  • A safe space to celebrate our pregnancy journeys.

    "I joined the pregnancy program for two reasons: I adore Shieva and Jenny and the fountain of wisdom and positivity they have and 2. I wanted to create a space for myself on this pregnancy journey where I could feel more at ease during a time that is filled with so much unknown. I wanted to ENJOY and embrace this pregnancy- not fear it! I loved the community (tribe!). There is such a feeling of support and connectivity even though I’ve never met most of these women in person. It’s given us all a safe space to vent, question, and celebrate our pregnancy journeys." -Becca

  • I feel far more informed about what is happening with my body and baby from being a part of this program

    "The pregnancy program is just a fantastic resource to have throughout your pregnancy journey. The program offers endless knowledge through the e-book and the videos while also inviting you into a community of women going through the same experiences. I feel far more informed about what is happening with my body and baby from being a part of this program." -Laura

  • Has decreased so many worries

    "I just wanted to point out that the “tribe bible” eBook is amazing! I have already started reading it and it has decreased so many worries. It is truly better than any TTC/ pregnancy book on the market and dreaded “Google!” They teach you in school that if someone sneezes on you, you will get pregnant and then a baby pops out, but so many women, including myself go into the “TTC journey” so blindly and when you find out unknown information, you want to properly educate yourself to eliminate fear. This book alone is worth every penny of this program and I am grateful to have found such supportive insight as I continue down this path to motherhood!" -Emily

  • Everything I needed but didn't know I needed!

    "As a first time older SMBC (single mom by choice) and pregnant during a pandemic, I didn't think there were any resources for me when it came to the in's and out's of pregnancy and what to expect on this journey. I was so wrong! By way of another pregnant friend, I was introduced to the Pregnancy Program and it was everything I needed but didn't know I needed! Firstly, Jenny and Shieva are so welcoming and make you feel like family. It's a safe space to ask questions, get ideas, share experiences - and to just talk to other women. Don't wait, join now!" -Ty

  • This program brings you all the community, reassurance, and empowerment you need

    "Going through pregnancy after a loss and in the middle of a pandemic felt so isolating and my nerves were through the roof, so I was excited at the chance to be a part of a program that would not only help me feel like I had the connection I craved but also gave me peace of mind and support. Especially when the world feels so isolated and a simple Google search can send you into blind panic, this program brings you all the community, reassurance, and empowerment you need. Having knowledge at my fingertips has been my favorite part of the program - I now feel ready for this journey!" -Kate N.

  • It's made the whole experience better all around

    "This was my first pregnancy, and I quickly found out that not only is there SO much to know, but there's also a lot of information out there that provokes anxiety when it shouldn't. I love My OB & ME because I get to be part of a great (judgement-free) group of women who are going through the same things, I get science-backed information in an easy-to-understand way, and I get all my questions answered by the (delightful!) experts rather than relying on Google! It's made the whole experience better all around." -Lindsey

  • The information is invaluable

    "I am finally pregnant after 4 years of infertility including 3 rounds of IVF. I joined my OB & ME because after our fertility struggles I found myself super nervous just getting through the day to day of actually being pregnant. I have found the program so helpful and comforting. The information is invaluable. Shieva is comforting and so knowledgeable, giving us the information we need while keeping things realistic. Jenny is so supportive and shares her personal journey so freely which gives us an insider look on what to expect (while we’re expecting ;)) It’s been great as a valued support system throughout my pregnancy." - Jennifer A.

  • You’ll find yourself approaching anything you face during pregnancy and delivery with a sense of peace

    "I joined this program while I was still trying to conceive. It has taught me so much and given me the opportunity to have an informed perspective on pregnancy. Shieva, Jenny, and this program are a phenomenal resource for anyone, not just first-time moms. You’ll find yourself approaching anything you face during pregnancy and delivery with a sense of peace. Being a part of this program gives you the opportunity to get all your questions answered you may have but likely can’t fit into your appointments with your medical provider." –Whitney


  • How do we differ from other programs?

    There are two main differences between our program and most of what else is out there. First, our video course takes you from the trying to conceive stage ALL the way through birth and beyond. Most courses out there are primarily focused just on the end of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We hold your hand throughout the ENTIRE journey. And two, we are the only course out there (to our knowledge) that is taught through the unique lens of BOTH a practicing OB/GYN and her pregnant patient. We spent an entire year documenting the whole pregnancy journey and going through ALL the what if’s we could think of that a pregnant person might encounter on their path.

  • Does this program offer support for general anxiety and/or pregnancy loss?

    Yes! In fact the #1 reason we created this program is for women who are, self admittedly, a bit on the anxious side OR for women who have experienced trauma and/or loss which naturally then creates anxiety for future pregnancies. As our tagline states, “We want to increase your knowledge in order to decrease your anxiety”. Additionally, the membership portion is an AMAZING way for women to connect who have gone through similar experiences which in and of itself is a great way to handle the anxiety created by pregnancy loss and/or trauma.

  • When does it make sense to join the program?

    You can join the membership or purchase the course at ANY time in your pregnancy journey. The course has two videos at the start devoted to pregnancy lead up so purchasing the course before you’re even pregnant will offer you support the entire time. However, that said, you can hop into the course at any point and pick and choose which videos you want to watch that are applicable to your specific pregnancy. For the membership we’ve had women join who are still TTC and women join who are late in their third trimester. You can truly join at any time and we will be there to welcome you with open arms offering you whatever support you feel you need or want!

  • I’m already so stressed out with lack of time – how will I fit this in?

    We get it. Time scarcity is very stressful. We filmed the entire video course in a podcast style, meaning you don’t actually have to watch the videos, you can just listen if you want… On a walk, at the gym, in the car, on the train… Wherever!

  • Will the course help me with birth preparation?

    100% yes! The course is broken into first, second and third trimester’s including birth prep! Labor, all the things that may happen during labor, pain management, C-sections, inductions, birth plans, mindset, what to pack and on and on and on! PLUS, you get to watch Jenny’s actual labor and her baby’s birth!! Get the Kleenex out! ☺

  • What happens after I give birth, does the program have any postpartum support?

    We have TWO great videos with postpartum content that are helpful to watch BEFORE you deliver your baby! Also check out our postpartum support group at www.tribecalledv.com

  • How long do I have access to the video course?

    Drumroll…..FOREVER! Yes you heard us, you have lifetime access to the video course and any updates we offer, so if you’re planning on future pregnancies, this video course is a no brainer. Because, whether you know this or not yet, there are no two pregnancies that are alike. So just because you didn’t experience something with one pregnancy doesn’t mean you won’t with another pregnancy, so the video course will be the BEST support to you throughout all your pregnancies!

  • Can I use my HSA (health savings plan) dollars to purchase the program?

    This questions is a little trickier to answer because it depends entirely on how your HSA program is set up. For example, if you have an HSA credit card, typically we’ve found that you CAN purchase the program using it. For those that have to submit manually and get approval, it’s going to differ for everyone. So our best advice is to try to use it and cross fingers that it works!