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Teaching Your Baby to Communicate: support your child’s language growth (0-18 months)

An introduction to this class

Developed by an expert team of speech-language pathologists

This class will teach you simple, practical language-building strategies to help your newborn to 18-month-old become a clear and confident communicator!

We're in this together, mama

This amazing class by Expressable will help you learn all you need to know when it comes to your baby's speech, from first words, to activities that promote speech, to when to seek help

This class will focus on:

  • Understanding how speech and language develop

  • Helping your child reach age-appropriate milestones

  • Laying the foundation for your child's first words

  • Better understanding your child’s needs

  • Incorporating language learning into daily routines with easy techniques

There are so many questions that come with your child's language development

Is my child on track with their developmental communication milestones? How can I communicate with my baby or toddler before they begin talking? What are some easy, practical ways I can teach my toddler to talk? How can I prevent temper tantrums and frustration? What should I do if my child seems to be lagging behind? We've got you, mama. Leanne will cover ALL of this so you leave this class feeling empowered and ready to help you child

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • The power of communication

  2. 2
    • What’s speech and language, anyway?

  3. 3
    • Language milestones during 0-18 months of age

  4. 4
    • Foundational support strategies

  5. 5
    • Technique: gesturing, signing, and body language

    • Technique: speaking "parentese"

    • Technique: imitation

    • Technique: Labeling and requesting

    • Technique: functional words

    • Technique: purposeful play

    • Technique: reading with your baby

  6. 6
    • When is early intervention recommended, and how do I start?

Bonus material

In addition to Leanne's amazing videos, you'll have access to so many downloadable PDFs:

  • Checklists and milestones

    Language building blocks
    Language milestones checklist
    Signs your child may need early intervention

  • Techniques

    Gesturing, signing, and body language
    Speaking "parentese"
    Labeling and requesting
    Functional words
    Purposeful play
    Reading with your baby

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Meet the instructor

Speech-language pathologist; M.S., CCC-SLP; President and Chief Clinical Officer, Expressable

Leanne Sherred

Leanne Sherred, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist and the President and Chief Clinical Officer of Expressable online speech therapy. Leanne founded Expressable to create a more effective care model for children and better experience for families. Today, she oversees 60+ talented speech therapists who have the privilege of working with thousands of children around the country. Based in Austin, TX, Leanne holds a bachelor's degree from The George Washington University and a master's degree from Northwestern University.

What mamas are saying


  • Couldn’t say enough about how grateful we are!

    “My speech therapist is so knowledgeable and compassionate. She thinks outside the box to keep kids engaged virtually (which can be challenging with a 2-year-old!) and has so many tips for me to practice with the girls. Our oldest daughter was a little nervous starting speech, but she warmed up instantly and looks forward to her sessions every week. Couldn’t say enough about how grateful we are!”

  • I love that I can tell how much she cares

    “Our speech therapist has been so patient and kind with my son. She truly has an interest in helping him succeed and tries to choose activities that will interest him. I love that I can tell how much she cares.”

  • Finds FUN ways to weave in our daughter’s goals

    “Our daughter is so excited for speech every week. Her speech therapist finds FUN ways to weave in our daughter’s goals, such as through games, music, and dance. At first, I was skeptical about my 5-year-old doing speech online. But she has made 10x the progress on this platform than with any other therapist over the past 3.5 years. I cannot say enough wonderful things about our therapist or Expressable!”

  • Takes the time to understand our concerns

    “Our speech therapist takes the time to understand our concerns and really hones in on what our son needs for his development. She works with us instead of taking full control and ignoring our wants. She’s the best and great at what she does.”

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